• Technical assistance with the crop

    MSC is interested in the success of its customers. Accordingly, they not only offer a consultancy service for choosing the most suitable facilities for each situation, they also offer assistance with the best farming practices to be carried out once the greenhouses are up and running.

    MSC complements this service with training programmes for production technicians, which can be carried out in our facilities or in other greenhouses.

  • Technical assistance

    MSC GREENHOUSES has a multidisciplinary team of professionals offering a high quality technical service.

    MSC GREENHOUSES provides a service that includes the assessment of the project’s baseline data and, together with the customer, an analysis is carried out to determine the best solutions available in order to obtain the maximum return on investment.

  • Marketing

    MSC GREENHOUSES has its own greenhouse factories in various countries. The fact that MSC has these strategically-placed factories enables us to cover a very wide area.

    Always offering an optimal sales service, minimizing delivery times and prices while offering a top-quality product.

  • Technical Management

    MSC has a large team of qualified technicians specialising in the assembly of greenhouses and the installation of ancillary elements.

    MSC technicians have vast experience in the assembly of greenhouses in extremely diverse conditions across the world, guaranteeing that the installation will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

    The same team of specialist technicians is responsible for initiating the installations, ensuring that they are in perfect working order.

  • Turnkey projects

    MSC carries out turnkey projects, which includes the assembly of the greenhouse together with any other actions required to guarantee the correct installation thereof.

    Customers can rest assured that MSC will carry out these projects from start to finish, using their experience to ensure that a high level of quality is maintained during the greenhouse installation.

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