MSC has greenhouse factories in different countries, as well as an extensive network of technical personnel distributed internationally, which ensures close attention by offering products and service in general of first quality.

Based on the structure of the traditional greenhouse what gives it great flexibility, and adaptability.

In Grupo MSC we have international quality greenhouses developing customized solutions.

The agricultural ships developed by INDUSTRIAS METALICAS AGRICOLAS S.A. They are perfectly prepared to cover all types of needs

The IMA High-Tunnels are simple and economic structures, designed for the cultivation of vegetables on small surfaces.

The Tunelkit structure is a evolution of the traditional tunnel, but due to its reduced dimensions and peculiar conception

Most roofing materials are manufactured to the strength and light transmission specifications of the industry.

The MSC CULTIVATION TABLES are specifically adapted to the needs of horticultural production.

The MSC Macrotúnel, is an economic and very simple structure that allows covering large areas of culture.